Looking to Sell Your Existing Franchise Units? We Can Help

As a franchisor, marketing and selling existing franchise units can be a challenge. JV Corp has experience in the franchise resale business. Because we understand the complex needs of a franchise system, we can help you face the challenge of a franchise resale with confidence.

JV Corp offers franchisers an unmatched level of skill in our franchise resale program. Each sale process is confidential to protect your business and keep clients, customers, and investors happy.

When you work with the JV Corp franchise resale program, our highly trained professionals will manage the entire process, including:
  • Providing franchisors with up-to-date reporting on the sale’s progress: Keeping everyone informed on the sales process is one of the ways that we put our customers first.

  • Preparing a comprehensive business analysis: In order to sell your franchise, we have to analyze the business to understand what makes it marketable. This analysis is integral to the franchise sales process and makes it go more smoothly.​

  • Assisting in valuation: Our experienced professionals can help you determine the value of your business so that we can ensure the sale goes for a fair price.​

  • Marketing the franchise confidentially throughout our extensive network: One of the biggest benefits of selling your franchise with Accurate Franchising is our enormous network of buyers and sellers. We utilize this network to sell your franchise confidentially, making the transition simple and seamless.​

  • Meeting with and qualifying potential buyers: As a business owner, you do not have time to meet with a variety of buyers and ensure that they are qualified to purchase your franchise, so JV Corp steps in to do it for you.​

  • Assisting in preparing the offer: The paperwork surrounding a franchise sale can be complex, so our experts help you prepare the formal offer for sale.

  • Coordinating the closing of the sale: Signatures, tax documents, business forms, lists, fees, and so much more goes into closing the sale of your franchise. When you use our franchise sales program, we will coordinate all of that to make the closing process go smoothly.

Whether it’s a single or a multi-unit franchise sale, JV Corp will handle the resale process from beginning to end. It is vital for a franchise system to ensure that the sales of existing franchises are handled professionally, quickly, and confidentially to ensure the overall success of the franchise system as a whole. At JV Corp, we maintain a high standard of professionalism and confidentiality to help our clients make the optimal franchise sale.

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