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Our mission is to provide integrated services — from strategic planning to execution — that are creative, cost-effective and responsive to clients’ specific commercial real estate needs.

Franchise site selection is one of the most important factors that both you and your franchisees need to consider. The location of a business can make or break it, so it is absolutely essential to find the right location for each and every franchisee.

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  • Property available for lease
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Site Selection, Construction Management and More!Real Estate Assistance

As a trusted partner and advocate, we support our clients’ long-term success by utilizing industry insight and precise local market knowledge and execution. We leverage our resources to serve franchisors, franchisees, investors, and occupiers with a full spectrum of commercial real estate services including but not limited to:​

  • Franchise Tenant Represen

  • Tation: In situations in which you or your franchisees need representation, our professionals can help. We can refer you to qualified representatives or otherwise represent you ourselves.

  • Franchise Site Selection: As we already mentioned, finding the right site for your franchises is an important part of their success. We can work together with you and your individual franchisees to find the ideal site for your business.

  • Franchise Lease Negotiation: An important service you can offer your franchisees—who may not be experienced business owners—is assistance with negotiating building leases. These negotiations can save your franchisee money, give them added benefits of the property, and more.

  • Franchise Construction Manage

  • ment and Permitting (build-out to signage): A lot goes into making a building franchise ready—after all, one of the biggest advantages of franchising is that each location is more or less the same. One of our important real estate services is franchise construction management, which helps you and your franchisee find the right contractors, suppliers, and more.

  • Franchise Finance Consulting: Financing a franchise is a big commitment, so allow our experts to consult with your business to give advice on different financing options.

  • Franchise Market

  • Research: An essential part of all franchise real estate decisions is market research. Choosing a good site for a franchise depends entirely on the local demographics, economy, and so much more. Franchise market research is one of JV Corp's most important services that we offer.

​JV Corp is a leading franchise commercial real estate service brokerage and consultant with professionals nationwide offering expert services to all of our clients. Contact us to get started, and improve your franchise system right away!

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